Our Compliance Rules

Over the past two decades we have worked hard to earn an outstanding reputation on the market! Of course, our honest business practices have contributed to this.

Nowadays, compliance stands for observing laws as well as principles of conduct and individual company regulations. This issue is a hot topic especially for corporations and in the international environment.

In daily business, we are clearly committed to:

  • legally compliant conduct
  • honesty
  • loyalty
  • transparency
  • sustainability
  • fairness

We work in correspondence with these business ethics and see in them the key to long-term and sustainable success.

To us this means that each employee, all managers and the Executive Board is constantly seeking to ensure that all company activities remain within the legal and ethic regulation system.

Therefore, every employee has tangible directives in his hands to maintain this perfect reputation, support it further by positive action and thus reconfirm our customers’ confidence again and again.

This is our promise to our customers: to be a partner in a fair and transparent business process.

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