Our Philosophy – We Love What We Do

Bloss-Systems stands for a quantum leap: We’ve developed our thinking far beyond former horizons. This applies both for our own as well as – specificially – for those of our customers. We see ourselves as a „Meta“-Specialist for highly specific and intelligent high-end-connections.  

Specialization in customized cable solutions and increased engagement in the high-end-sector made it clear to us quickly:  If we continued to restrict ourselves to plain bulk cable we would not fulfill our own ambitions – nor meet the demands of our customers.  In view of the above our company founder, Hartmut Bloss, started in 2000 with the mission to fulfill the demands and high-quality requirements of our customers with a customized and comprehensive approach.

Today, with passionate dedication and in close partnership with our customers we develop cable systems ideally adjusted to each application, securing both technical as well as commercial objectives.

We assume responsibility

With our service spectrum cable ==> cable assembly ==> sub system we help our customers to shorten and simplify their supply chain and thus also guarantee clear responsibilities. We assume responsibility towards our customers from the first development up to serial production.

With outstanding engineering expertise, profound physical understanding and an intuitive sense for processes and each customer’s particular market situation, we create solutions which make us a valued and responsible”Meta”-specialist for the most challenging tasks.

We believe in the future by tradition

This maxim underlines all those characteristics constituting a sustainable success of our company: Visionary ideas based on traditional, precise handcraft together with a long-term and sustainable company policy.

This makes us a reputable and selfconfident partner to our customers for a long-term cooperation. Long-term and sustainable development is always paramount.

We believe in our employees

We strongly believe that our success results directly from our company culture and personal commitment of our employees. We have strong confidence in all our employees, in the immanent motivation of each single person to do his best and to utilize his potential. Fulfillment and motivation flourishes in such an environment – the foundation for any improvement in work-flow.

We have the mutual aspiration to supply optimum working conditions for our employees in which each member can develop his/her talents, enjoy working and assume responsibilty for his/her job.

Our aim is to keep our employees in the long-term, encourage by qualification and pool expertise.

A long-term company affiliation is the rule in our company and provides reliability and stability both for the company as well as for the employees.

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