Cable Technology

Data Cables


Concerning data cables, we focus on the development of customer-specific solutions, when mechanical performance as well as electrical performance, or resp. signal integrity, must both meet higher requirements at the same time.

We offer convincing products for all common digital protocols and can verify their performance by relevant compliance tests. Especially for the section with gigabit serial protocols, we offer cables with particularly low IP-Skew-values. By means of S-parameters, we have a comprehensive picture of the cable quality and their potential for improvements.

Our compliance tests are conducted by experienced HF-engineers with cutting-edge equipment. They are able to record impedance courses along the complete cable length and also in the transition zone to the connector.

We offer these products primarily as finished cable assemblies since the harness and the connector can have a massive impact on the transmission properties. However, on request, also raw bulk cable may be supplied.

Examples for our data cables:
10Ethernet, USB 3.1, LVDS 2.0, DVI, Firewire, Thunderbolt, Fiber Channel, Camera Link, GigaSTaR etc.

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