Quality is Aspiration and Promise – and Above All:

Quality is Hard Work and Not Served on a Plate!

At our company Quality works in two directions: Towards our suppliers as a requirement and towards our customers as a promise.

Our suppliers are obliged to undergo an extensive review and pass a quality audit successfully before they can be added to our supplier pool. The minimum requirement is complying to ISO 9001.

We promise our customers: The fulfillment of the customers’ demands is the decisive factor here. Complying with generally accepted standards is a prerequisite – which is however not yet sufficient.

Quality work is basically divided into 3 phases:

  1. During the R&D phase eventual risks will already be assessed and quantified via FMEA analysis.
  2. In the NPI phase the main focus is on the validation of processes and their documentation.
  3. During series a consistent compliance with the defined parameters as well as batch traceability is guaranteed.
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