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Cable solutions for your market sector

All cables have a common purpose: to transmit information or resp. power. The aspiration to offer tailor-made and technically as well as commercially balanced solutions gives reason for dividing into market sectors and focusing on their priorities.

In Medical Device Technology, the top priorities are the material and the control of production processes. In Robotics/Automation, it is mainly the guarantee of high bending cycles and small bending radii. Our solutions for applications in the area Transport/Mobility must regard standardized requirements concerning safety reserves and specifically fire resistance. In Semiconductor/Measuring Technology, the focus is on a realistic transmission of µV-signals – quite often  additionally aggravated by difficult ambient conditions (e.g. high vacuum, etc.). In Defense/Military, we concentrate on A/V-Head-Sets and multifunctional digital-soldier-solutions beyond the ordinary MIL-cabling. The sector Communication/RF Technology is characterized by signal-integrity. At present, our solutions reach up to 10 GHz.

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