Automation & Robotics

Automation & Robotics

Cable Technologies for Highest Mechanical Demands

Our product range for automation/robotics aims at customers in this market who place high to highest demands on their cabling – but at the same time have limited installation space and minimum bending radii. Here, we also commit ourselves clearly to “customization” without a product catalogue.

Know-How and Technologies for Highest Demands to Flex Life and Lifetime

Such products require the use of versatile process engineering, established insulation materials and also a lot of expertise. In applications with a target horizon of up to 100 million motion cycles, even the smallest deviation in the processes may cause premature failure of the cable.

The shields of such cables are of particular importance. The cable shield is the “achilles heel” of every cable. To guarantee a high lifetime for EMI-shielding has become one of our trademarks.

Very often, the decisive advantage for our customers is the lean cable design which offers them further benefits for their installation.

Both flat and round shapes/geometries are possible.

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