Communication & RF Technology

Communication & RF Technology

Best flow of information through signal integrity

When it comes to products for this purpose, high frequency cables are used almost exclusively. These kinds of cables are built either assymmetrically  (coaxial) or symmetrically in a twin axial, twisted pair or star quad form. The particular quality of these cables can be recognized – in simple terms –  by their dielectric’s homogeneity and the high symmetry of the single components to one another.

In the OSI layer model of information technology, cables are among the so called “physical layers”.

In the currently prevailing technologies based on Gigabit-serial interfaces, parameters like Signal Propagation, Skew, Intrapairskew, and Voltage Asymmetry are defined to ensure a secure transmission over long distances as well.

All products are designed and repeatedly tested particularly concerning these specific parameters.

You can also find more detailed information on this subject under the menu item “Technology”.

Our cables are mainly used by customers demanding even further requirements placed on the cables, besides a.m. properties, e.g., flexibility, small diameter or extraordinary transmission lengths.

We cover all the latest standards: GigaSTaR, USB3.1, LVDS 2.0, Thunderbold etc.

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