Medical Device Technology

Medical Device Technology

Medical Device Technology – Cables of the Highest Demand

In Medical Devices Technology, we are confronted with the most diverse requirement profiles for cables. Especially when it comes to direct usage on the human body, uncompromising solutions are mandatory.

Our strong growth in this specific sector has resulted from our know-how and our commitment to spare no effort.

Medical Device Technology – Development- and Production Technologies:

Medical Cables differ from industrial cables in the material range, the development process and the documentation of serial production.

Already the complete development process as well as later serial production is in compliance to the relevant standards (ISO 9001 +13485)

During the R&D-phase, risk analyses are initiated parallel to product development. In the validation phase, elaborate procedures are defined and effected, and even tailor-made if required by the customer.

All serial deliveries of validated products are accompanied by a certificate, CoC and with, on request, additional test reports. Batch traceability is available for each production lot.

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