Mobility & Transport

Mobility & Transport

High Grade Cable Technology – for Mobility / Transport

Our focus in this sector comprises applications in trains, aeroplanes, and ships. Besides function, safety aspects in this area are top priority. Satellite and spacecraft cablings are still of lower importance.

Safety and Function in Combination

When new technologies increasingly make their way into these means of transport, classic suppliers very often get overwhelmed by the technological requirements to cables. The comfort demands on today’s public transportation means are constantly growing. Here, we are ready to assist you and offer a package of technology combined with safety aspects in our products. We cooperate directly with vehicle manufacturers, information providers, and component manufacturers.

The applicable strict standards and, in part, country specific additional regulations require our potential preparedness to spend time and money in advance to launch additional approval processes. As soon as a commercial check is passed with a positive result, nothing stands in the way of establishing a long-term cooperation.

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