Semiconductors & Measurement

Semiconductors & Measurement

Cable Technologies for Semiconductor and Measuring Technology

The construction of our cables for sophisticated measuring technology is based on fluor-polymer materials. This material group is among those with the best electrical characteristics and can be processed in wall thicknesses down to 50 µm. Furthermore, these materials can be doped specifically in order to adjust their characteristics exactly to the requirements of the application.

With regards to the operating temperature, we cover a range from -100 °C up to 260°C .

Particularly for semiconductor measuring technologies, our products can be preset for vacuum applications and are suitable for use at ultra high vaccum of up to 10 -9 hPa. In this case, the cables must pass a special qualification, receive a post-treatment and can be individually packed on request. The fraction of volatile substances as well as mass loss will be explicitly specified.

Cables of this category also have the most sophisticated screen constellations, as predominantly coaxial or resp. triaxial designs are used in which the capacitive penetration factor plays a key role.

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